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About Acoustic6
Acoustic performance is very important to the people who is working or living in it. Nowdays there is growing awareness among people and architects about the importance of design in a healing environment.People also care about the acoustic material which should be healthy and earth-eco when interior using.
Ceillex behaviour of building materials is the burns or fire when all the physical and chemical changes that occur, this performance by the surface ignition and flame propagation, heat, smoke, charring, weight loss, measured and characteristics of toxic products. China national standard GB8624-2012 building materials combustion performance is divided into several levels.
Glass wool has a most excellent performance in moisture comparing to other acoustic materials.Ceillex fiberglass panel does not absorb water from the surrounding air.The system is very stable and is rated RH95 which means no warping at 95% air humidity with 30℃.
Light Weight
Light-weight is another natural character of glasswool. Ceillex acoustic system is safe and stable which is very important to earthquake-prone areas.
Glasswool is a perfect material for insulation. Cold and heat can be blocked with Ceillex ceiling systems which creat a comfortable interior space for you.
Ceillex acoustic tile has a general light reflectance of 85%,and can be up to 90% with Ceillex hilight painting.
Cleanability is very important to ceiling systems. Vacuum or wet wiping cleaning is recommended methods of cleaning Ceillex acoustic systems.
Ceillex clearly contribute to the social development and the protection of the environment, we make efforts to practice the concept of green environment solution into the management of company. Ceillex 's products ,with environmental friendly green advantage, as the representative of the interests of customer's standpoint, providing reliable, safe, environmental friendly support for indoor sound absorption . And Ceillex will supply these products, for the social construction of friendly environmental, to protect the global environment, and eventually contribute to achieve sustainable development of the society.
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